The Value of Prayer; Happy National Prayer Day

Value of Prayer

Our word for today is prayer because today is National Prayer Day.

I’m here at Dyersburg and will be attending a morning meeting with the LHC extended care group.

One thing I really like about this group is that they end the meeting with a prayer.

They pray for their patients, they pray for each other. My physical therapy assistant Blake, would ask everybody if they have any prayer requests.

This is not because we are very religious or spiritual people, but the reason for praying is that you believe there is a higher being. That somebody’s controlling the world.

Not really controlling, but that there is a God that is working behind the scene. And that he knows what he’s doing for our lives.

That’s the purpose of that prayer. Another thing that I realized is that we are either in a crisis, going into a crisis, or getting out of a crisis.

And we as caregivers, dementia warriors, dementia caregivers, and therapists, nurses, or just taking care of our loved ones. We will always encounter some crisis in our lives. The only thing that is really constant in this life is this crisis there.

One thing that can really help you go through this is praying. And just praying to God that everything will be OK and have great hope in it.

Don’t forget to pray today!

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