Start a Career in Financial Education With Winnie Magdangal

Winnie Magdangal

Start a Career In Financial Education With Winnie Magdangal 

Are you financially literate?

If your answer to that question is NO – then this episode is for you.

Winnie, PT, financial advisor, talks about her journey from being a PT and now a financial advisor for 2 years. 

She speaks financial literacy. 

In this episode:
02:30 – “You are more capable than you think.”
06:20 – Intro of Winnie Magdangal (Dr. Mike’s Financial Advisor)
08:25 – Why did Winnie choose to have an alternative career in the Finance industry?
11:55 – Financial foundation stand point – Protect yourself first.
13:50 – Winnie on partnering her business with her husband, Rongie.
15:05 – Winnie conducts FREE financial literacy talks.
17:50 – You don’t need to go to school for how many years to be a licensed broker.
22:15 – Protect yourself and at the same time have a side hustle.
27:30 – Learn about your money and where you put it. – Winnie
30:40 – Get out of your comfort zone – be practical and think.
35:50 – Winnie’s biggest failure with her alternative career and how she turned it around.
39:45 – Don’t stop dreaming. – Winnie
42:05 – Always remember the word FAST.

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