ACG Interview With Aaron “The Witty PT” Hackett (Utilization Reviewer)

Aaron Hackett 3

Today, we have Aaron Hackett from Utah, to talk about how he started his online career.

He is a Physical Therapist and a Case Manager and is now working from home as a Utilization Reviewer.

In this podcast with Aaron Hackett:

01:24 – What’s going on with Aaron?

01:48 – How did Aaron land a Utilization Reviewer career and what is his official title?

06:16 – Does Aaron needs to know every state practice act or just basic therapy knowledge?

07:04 – How can you start looking for a Utilization Reviewer job?

11:52 – What are the qualifications to become a Utilization Reviewer?

18:17 – Does Aaron’s company provide training for Utilization Reviewers?

22:19 – What’s the average pay scale of a Utilization Reviewer?

26:16 – How much of Aaron’s day involve phone calls?

29:26 – Tips on how to have an Alternative Career

32:04 – Can an assistant do a Clinical Review?

35:12 – What is the side hustle of Aaron?

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