From PT To Working At Home As A Utilization Reviewer With Bill Daly

Bill Daly Podcast

Today, we have Bill Daly from Tennesee, to talk about how he started his online career.

He is a Physical Therapist and is now working from home as a Utilization Reviewer.

In this podcast with Bill Daly:

01:56 – Who is Bill?

03:05 – What does Bill do?

03:57 – How did Bill find out about this online career?

04:40 – What does Bill do as a Utilization Reviewer?

07:53 – What is the next level care Bill is talking about?

16:03 – Why is documentation really important?

18:00 – What are the benefits of working from home?

22:06 – Tips on getting a different career from Bill

You can reach Bill Daly on the Alternative Careers Facebook Page

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