Alternative Career with Anthony Maritato of Total Therapy Solution

Anthony Maritato

Alternative Career with Anthony Maritato of Total Therapy Solution 

Have you listed your set of goals for starting up your own business? 

Let Anthony share with you how he started his own business and succeeded with one very crucial step – listing the goals that he wanted to achieve. 

In this episode: 
01:40 – Who is Anthony Maritato? 
03:50 – Tony shares his sources of income. 
04:30 – What are your primary goal(s) when starting a business? 
05:00 – Focus on the business first. 
06:00 – Invest into real estate. 
07:55 – Passive income. 
10:20 – Build and develop your personal brand. 
17:35 – Our greatest value is in our brains and minds. – Tony 
19:10 – Your brain will only work when it’s open. 
20:40 – When something is important to you, you fight through it. – Tony 
21:50 – Always remember the word FAST. 

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