Interview with Anthony Maritato on his Alternative Career

Anthony Maritato

Interview with Anthony Maritato on his Alternative Career

From being a personal trainer to being a PT to owning businesses and now being a mentor to many aspiring business owners – Anthony Maritato is the go-to-person.

He also happens to be one of Dr. Mike’s mentor.

In this episode, he shares how he started, the failure that he has overcome and bonus value bombs that can put money in your bank (the next day.)

In this episode:
02:30 – “Give yourself permission on a daily basis to become the next best version of yourself.”
08:10 – What does Tony Maritato do?
10:00 – How did Tony turn his job into a business?
14:30 – If you want to achieve your alternative career, you have to learn and understand the business.
16:05 – How many clinics does Tony have?
19:35 – It is very important to have the knowledge that you have in front of people, in front of the camera.
19:45 – M.E.N.T.O.R method.
22:35 – Tony had a fair share of failures which he used as learning curves.
25:40 – The key is to start now – it doesn’t have to be perfect.
35:25 – What was Tony’s biggest failure and how did he turn it around?
45:00 – When is the best time to go out and start your own business?
47:00 – Product + knowledge and skills = The value of the sum is worth far more than the individual parts.
53:30 – BONUS coaching tips from Tony that can put money in your bank tomorrow.
1:03:45 – You just have to have the intention and motivation to do things.
1:06:10 – Always remember the word FAST.

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