Be A Debt Free PT With Emma Shapiro

Be A Debt Free PT With Emma Shapiro

Today we have Emma Shapiro a moderator of ACG and owner of debtfreept.
She’s been providing a lot of value for our group and we reached out to her since we haven’t interviewed our own team yet.

In this podcast with Emma Shapiro:

01:30 – Who is Emma and what does she do?
03:00 – What happened after Emma graduated as a PT? How much were her student loans after?
08:00 – WHy did Emma start
12:00 – Emma talks about her course about travelling to pay up your student loans
14:00 – WHat is the difference between a traveller and a contract?
17:00 – Public service loan forgiveness
19:00 – Private loans VS Public loans
34:00 – Emma’s biggest advice for your career
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