Home Health Contract Show: How to Be Financially Free in 2021

Bert De Vera

Home Health Contract Show: How to Be Financially Free in 2021 

 Are you excited to be Financially Free in 2021? 

You don’t need $1M to be financially free – you just need to come up with a business. 

Bert shares the 2 main strategies that he used to be financially free and his L-E-A-N Method. 

In this episode: 
06:20 – Bert’s work and career history. 
10:00 – 1. Know Your Monthly Cost of Living. 
10:40 – 2. You Want Financial Freedom! 
13:50 – Home Health Contracting sample computation. 
22:45 – 3. Different strategies (Business/Real Estate) 
23:05 – Bert’s L-E-A-N Method. 
25:35 – You make money when you buy not when you sell. 
34:00 – Being out of the rat race means not trading time for money. 
36:50 – The method that Bert uses to ASSESS any REHAB business – L-E-A-N Method. 
39:15 – Do you want to be the TECHNICIAN or the ENTREPRENEUR? 
40:00 – Bert recommends reading – The Cashflow Quadrant (Robert Kiyosaki 
40:10 – Bert show and explains The Cashflow Quadrant. 
43:40 – Leverage. 
45:15 – Do you have Scalability? 
46:40 – Execution – How fast can you execute? 
47:50 – Time Commitment. 
49:40 – Acceleration – How quick can you build your team? 
51:00 – Speed of Implementation. 
51:50 – Return of Investment (ROI) – What is your burn rate? 
54:10 – NO huge overhead. 
55:20 – Risk Assessment. 
56:10 – “People who don’t take risk, work for those who do.” 
56:25 – Cashflow. 

 How to Start Your Home Health Contract Business: 
Watch Bert’s FREE 4-Video Series: www.rehabpreneur.com/mikechua  
Call or text Bert directly at #972-649-9909 

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