Home Health Contract Show: Case Studies + Q&A

Bert De Vera

Home Health Contract Show: Case Studies + Q&A 

Are you tired of working for someone or being self-employed? 

Bert de Vera has a solution for you – with Home Health Contracting. 

With Home Health Contracting business – there is no need to quit your job, no need for a medicare certification, no need to get your staff into credentialing. 

In this episode: 
04:50 – The Cashflow Quadrant (based on Robert Kiyosaki’s book). 
09:10 – How do you transition from being an employee or self-employed to being a business owner or investor? 
09:30 – How Home Health Contracting works? 
09:55 -- $480 in 1 hour? 
13:05 – If you don’t have a leverage, you don’t have a business – you have a job. 
18:45 – Anytime you can get laid off – it is always better to have a Plan B. 
20:30 – You are only as secure as your ability to produce income with what you know and what you have. 
25:00 – Case Study 1: Knee Replacement referral. 
28:30 – Bert shows the profit for case study 1. 
34:10 – Question: How do you get contracts from home health agencies? 
39:45 – There is nothing wrong if you make a profit for yourself while offering your service. 
43:25 – Question: How much do we charge an agency to make sure we make a profit? 
49:05 – You can either be an employee or a business owner. 
50:20 – Case Study 2: Covid patient. 
56:05 – “Whether you think you can or you cannot, you are absolutely right.” – H.F. 

 How To Start Your Home Health Contract Business: 

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