Home Health Contract Show: Live Q&A

Bert De Vera

Home Health Contract Show: Live Q&A

What is the one thing that keeps therapists from starting their own business?

Bert De Vera answers common question for therapists who wants to kick off their own business.

In this episode:
03:10 – Case study #1 – Post CABG patient referred for physical therapy.
05:25 – Breakdown of the earnings for case study 1.
13:00 – Don’t feel guilty if you are making a profit because first you are helping a colleague.
18:40 – Look at your source of income right now as a defense and an offense.
19:55 – It is so important to have multiple streams of income.
20:35 – What else can you do with your career besides working on a job?
26:30 – If you want to do something, ask the person who has been through it.
28:00 – Always take into consideration your time.
31:35 – What is the one thing that hinders therapist in starting their own business?
34:25 – One way to overcome your fear is to look at someone who has done what you want to do.
36:10 – Do you need medical credentialing to do home health contracting?
38:45 – How do you know what agencies to contract with?
39:30 – How do you know which therapists to hire?
40:15 – If you do what is right, money will follow (not the other way around)
43:30 – “If you want to know what is ahead down the road, ask the person who has been through it.”

How To Start Your Home Health Contract Business:
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