How to Start Your Own Home Modification Business with Sue Doyle, OT

Sue Doyle

How to Start Your Own Home Modification Business with Sue Doyle, OT 

Do you want to help people live their best lives in their homes? 

This could be a start of your alternative career. 

Dr. Sue Doyle talks about her career journey and the impact that she makes on her patient’s lives. 

In this episode: 
05:15 – Introduction of Dr. Sue Doyle. 
09:50 – Dr. Doyle shares her career journey from moving to one country to another. 
15:00 – What was her challenges when moving to another country? 
17:55 – How did she start with medicare part B? 
20:20 – Why didn’t she charge cash only? 
32:00 – How does Dr. Doyle get clients or market herself? 
34:40 – Question: As a Cota, how could I start a home modification business? 
38:35 – What is Dr. Doyle’s greatest challenge and how did she turn it around? 
40:05 – What is the CHAMP certification? 
46:30 – The key is listening to your patients and case managers and come up with solutions. 
48:35 – Don’t be selfish – start your own home health modification business now. – Dr. Mike 
50:35 – Questions: Have you done renovating a house? Do you have a contractor? Do you do floor plan and design of a specific room in the house? Or you just recommend DMEs? 
54:20 – Don’t be afraid to try. – Dr. Doyle. 
55:40 – Always remember the word FAST. 

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