Home Health Contract Show: Live Q & A: Ask Bert any questions about Home Health Contracting

Bert De Vera

Home Health Contract Show: Live Q & A: Ask Bert any questions about Home Health Contracting 

 Are you still trading your time for money?  

 Are you contemplating for a change in the direction of your career? 

 Today is the best time to start that change. 

 Bert presents a case study and then later on answers the top 10 frequently asked questions about Home Health Contracting. 

 In this episode: 
03:20 – “The seeds of depression shall never take root in a grateful heart.” 
04:35 – What are the things that Bert is grateful for? 
11:10 – Case study presentation. 
13:15 – Breakdown of the profit. 
18:19 – What is the ultimate goal of Home Health Contracting business? 
25:10 – Q1: Do I need Medicare Part A Certification? 
27:35 – Q2: Is this different from Medicare Part B? 
28:40 – Q3: Do I market to doctors? 
29:35 – Q4: How much starting capital do I need to get started? 
31:30 – Bert wants to hop on a call first with his probable mentee to see if this is a good fit for you. 
32:35 – Q5: What is my recurring expenses? 
33:15 – Bert’s tip on using a software. 
35:35 – Q6: Where do I get the money to pay my PRN staff? 
39:25 – Q7: Do I need to start a company when contracting with a Home Health Agency? 
40:45 – Q8: How much is the going rate for a Home Health contract? (CA to NY? 
42:30 – Profit is always better than wages? 
45:35 – Q9: What do I do when my potential hire is asking for money that’s higher than what I’m willing to pay? 
48:30 – Q10: How do I pay my staff? Do I cut a check? 
53:05 – Courage is not the absence of fear. 
55:00 – “Failure is never a person, it is just an event.” 
55:45 – “Whether you think you can or cannot – you are absolutely right.” 
56:30 – “Those who refuse to take risk will work for those who do.” 

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