Winning Wednesday Webinars with Engelbert De Vera PT on How to Start Real Estate Flipping

Engelbert De Vera

Winning Wednesday Webinars with Engelbert De Vera PT on How to Start Real Estate Flipping. 

Engelbert talks about his side hustle and how he just added another winning stream of income and kept his PT business.

“Will I do it again? Definitely YES!” – Engelbert

Find out what he wants to do all over again despite the stress and challenges that is attached to this winning project. 

In this episode:
03:50 – Introduction of Engelbert De Vera.
05:30 – Why Engelbert did this flip?
07:20 – {Emma} What does flip mean?
09:51 – The first time experience of a “flipper” – stress, loses, wins.
13:30 – Why did Engelbert chose Real Estate?
29:00 – {Emma} Do you recommend that people only buy a house that they have actually seen the inside of?
32:00 – Before and after photos of the flipped Real Estate.
45:45 – Engelbert’s advice – do not limit what you can do in the bathroom and kitchen.
59:00 – {Emma} What are your best practices, takeaways, and most coveted advise for those who are looking to do this side hustle?
59:40 – Most important advise from Bert – do your research.
01:00:00 – You need to know how to handle the stress that is attached to Real Estate hustle.
01:05:00 – {Mike} Big challenge, BIG victory.
01:07:15 – {Bert} Just do it and learn from it. You wouldn’t know until you dive in.
01:07:45 – {Bert} It is worth all the stress ang challenges. If Bert will do it again? – YES!
01:09:00 – How much did Bert make with this flip?
01:14:25 – What is an ARV (After Repair Value)?
01:15:25 – What were Bert’s takeaway from the project?
01:19:00 – Tap a Realtor.
01:22:20 – Did Bert have a real estate coach before starting with the project?
01:23:30 – (Real Estate) Masterclass is forming up.
01:30:20 – Real Estate Investing Start-Up Group (paid group).
01:31:15 – What is in-store for you with this start-up group?
01:38:00 – {Mike} Always remember the word, FAST.

You can contact Engelbert De Vera:

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