How to be an Expert Witness with Tiffany Hobbs

How to be an Expert Witness

How to be an Expert Witness with Tiffany Hobbs 

What is an Expert Witness? 

Tiffany gives us an insight on what an Expert Witness does, how she started and how it is going. 

In this episode: 
02:30 – QOTD “Confront and evict any fear that doesn’t speak to your future.” – Lisa Nichols 
06:05 – Introduction of Tiffany Hobbs. 
08:45 – Tiffany tells us more of what she does. 
09:15 – What does an expert witness do? 
13:00 – Dr. Mike shares his experience about his documentation and evaluation on a lawsuit case. 
14:30 – Lawyers would hire an expert witness on cases that involves medical terminologies. 
15:10 – A process is in place in order to be hired as an expert witness. 
18:25 – Do lawyers reach out to her for her services or does she reach out to companies? 
27:00 – How much do expert witness get paid? 
31:00 – An eye for detail and accuracy are must haves. 
32:55 –Tiffany’s advice: Complete documentation, recheck and clarify orders and get your own liability insurance. 
34:15 – Her biggest challenge and how she turned it around. 
37:35 – Be confident and be patient. 
39:05 – Always remember the word FAST. 

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