How to Find Your Alternative Career with Greg Todd

How to Find Your Alternative Career

How to Find Your Alternative Career with Greg Todd 

How about switching your mindset? 

Greg shares his humble beginnings that led him to be a successful entrepreneur and how he found a new path by switching one powerful thing – MINDSET. 

In this episode:
02:55 – QOTD “When the dream is big enough, we find the motivation to get through the tough times.”
04:40 – Introduction of Greg Todd.
06:50 – What does Greg do?
08:25 – I help you match your career with your calling. – Greg
09:10 – Greg’s shares his humble beginnings.
12:30 – 17 years later he has become a budding entrepreneur – co-owner of 3 clinics, co-founder of virtual staffing agency, helped coaches and mentored professionals, hosting events.
15:45 – If you want to find your freedom you have to be flexible. – Dr. Mike
16:20 – How do we find our gift?
19:30 – Rick Warren’s S.H.A.P.E.
32:45 – Be passionate about helping people using your gifts.
35:20 – Greg’s upcoming event on June 5-6 – sign up at
37:40 – Do you have a blueprint?
39:15 – Greg’s upcoming event on June 5-6 will be in Orland World Center Marriott.
44:20 – The alternative that you are looking for cannot be found by switching careers, jobs, teammates – the alternative can be found by switching your mindset.
46:10 – I want you to be inspired and change your life. – Greg
51:30 – Take that first step and everything else will follow.
53:40 – Inspiration is gasoline on the fire.
56:45 – The alternative is doing the alternative in the career you are in. Let us teach you the alternative!
58:20 – Always remember the word FAST.

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One thought on “How to Find Your Alternative Career with Greg Todd

  1. Jill Kordonowy says:

    I took and passed my COTA exam in 1991. Like many I have worked mostly in a SNF setting. I also have a degree in child development. I tried to ease slowly into retirement but things changed and I have to go back to work. I don’t how to modify my skill set into something that suits my older self.

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