Interview With Kevin Siegel

Kevin Siegel

Today, we got a special guest – Mr. Kevin Siegel. He is the CEO and founder of ICCOTP, a certified master trainer and certified technical trainer, and the owner of Icon Logic company. He is here to help us know and identify what is a certified online trainer and what else we can do with it as an alternative career.

In this podcast with Kevin Siegel:

01:20 – Introduction on Kevin Siegel as a trainer for 30 years

04:45 – Online classes from GoToMeeting to GoToTraining

08:10 – Siegel’s technical training through Icon Logic

09:40 – Certifying online trainers through the International Council for Certified Online Training Professionals (ICCOTP)

11:10 – My personal experience in getting a certification from ICCOTP seminar

13:45 – Details on the online training course

15:05 – Basics on the use of visuals for teaching and presenting online

17:55 – Example of “Death by PowerPoint”

18:50 – Concept of Iconography and Color Theme for presentation visuals

22:05 – Discount for taking Kevin’s course

24:25 – Students leading the online class as part of the course

26:25 – Engagement tactics and wide range of topics for online teaching

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