Interview With Teepa Snow

Teepa Snow

Today, we have a very special guest: Ms. Teepa Snow. Her alternative career is teaching and educating people about dementia. She has her own course and company travels around the world talking about her own specific niche.

Teepa Snow tells about her alternative career regarding dementia in this podcast:

02:15 Her story and reason for choosing her career related to dementia

07:35 Teepa’s passion for dementia

09:30 Details on Teepa’s work and certification courses related to dementia

12:45 Efficiency in treating and providing skilled care and services to patients

14:20 Discussion on plateaued patients

16:25 Opportunities for brain health and personal growth

18:50 Burnout for therapists

19:25 Details on Adult Experiential Learning Cycle

21:00 Something that therapists are doing that might not be working for their patients

22:20 WWTD or What Would Teepa Do?”

23:20 Therapists who are looking for an alternative career

23:40 Special tips for PTs, OTs, and speech therapists

24:55 7-year itch for Teepa

28:30 Challenging yourselves in baby steps


Teepa’s website –

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