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Flipper Big Button Universal Remote Control

  • BEST SELLING BIG BUTTON REMOTE – The Flipper Remote is designed Senior Friendly with large color-coded tactile buttons for easy use. Only 3 functions: On/Off, Channel, Volume and Mute. It’s the perfect for gift for caregivers, elderly loved ones with Dementia or Alzheimer’s or someone with low and impaired vision.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MULTIPLE DEVICES – The only remote you’ll need for both your TV and Cable, or Satellite box. Works for all major IR (infra red) TVs and STB’s (Set Top Box) available on the market like Xfinity, Motorola, Cisco, Pace, Directv, Dish. Two remotes combined into one to make your viewing experience simple and easy!
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR CONTENT – Easily program up to 25 of your favorite channels so you can get to the content you desire. Give your elderly family members the ability to take back control of their viewing experience.
  • PREVENT MISTAKES – Our special lock feature prevents accidental reprogramming. No more late night calls!
  • NOW SUPPORTS SOUNDBARS! Flipper now works many Soundbars. CLICK ADD TO CART NOW

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Big Button Universal Remote Works with TV, Cable, and Satellite


Seniors are watching the most TV out of any age group–over 200 hours per person per month, according to Nielson. But remotes are not designed for them. Flipper increases independence–and reduces caregiver time–by allowing the user to access their content when they want it. Gone are hundreds of useless channels, and midnight telephone calls asking for help.

Flipper works wall major TVs and cable / satellite set top boxes (STBs) with one remote. Flipper is preset to Motorola STBs, and many major TVs. Once set up, Flipper will power on/off both the TV and STB box, the channel buttons will control the STB, and the volume buttons will control your TV speakers. Flipper also works with a cable-ready TV.


Key Features


The only senior-friendly remote specially designed for digital broadcast technology

Works with all major TVs, cable, and satellite boxes

Ships in Frustration-Free Packaging

Sliding door covers the 0-9 and set up buttons to reduce ‘button clutter’

Uses two AAA batteries (not included)

Large, Finger-Friendly Buttons

The Flipper’s stylish yet functional design features large tactile-friendly buttons, and full-function labels for easy use. The settings can be Locked, preventing accidentally reprogramming.


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