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Road ID Personalized Medical Alert Bracelet

  • ALL orders are laser-engraved in ALL-CAPS (for readability) and SHIPPED IN 1 BUSINESS DAY.
  • SIZING: Small: fits wrists 5.5″ – 6.25″ | Med/Lrg: 6.25″ – 8″ | XLarge: 8″ – 10″
  • Great diabetic bracelet, allergy bracelet, and medical bracelet for heart disease, epilepsy, autism, diabetes, and more.
  • Adjustable to fit children, kids, and adults, making a great medical ID bracelet or emergency ID bracelet.
  • The Wrist ID Sport is made of woven nylon with a hook & loop closure with a laser-engraved stainless steel faceplate. ROAD iD wristbands can be adjusted to fit most wrists and come in four (4) colors.

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  • Having a medical condition should never hold you back.
  • You can do the daily activities you love, and with ROAD iD medical alert bracelets, you donÍt have to worry about receiving proper care in the event of an emergency.
  • These medical wristbands are custom to you, alerting First Responders to your allergies and other conditions, even if you’re unable to speak for yourself.
  • They are great allergy bracelets, diabetes bracelets, and medical bracelets for other conditions, such as heart disease, autism, and epilepsy.
  • Unlike other ID jewelry that can be bulky and unattractive, these health alert bracelets are sleek, cute, and comfortable.
  • And because they’re completely adjustable, they make great medical alert bracelets for children and adults alike! Each ID is made from a woven nylon with a hook & loop closure, and has a stainless-steel laser-engraved ID faceplate.
  • The bands come in three (3) sizes and are available in four (4) colors.


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