Alternative Career Podcast/Show with Ray Berardinelli

Ray Berardinelli

Alternative Career Podcast/Show with Ray Berardinelli

Transitioning from being a PT business owner to a doing what he does right now.

Ray Berardinelli talks about how he transitioned his business and what was the biggest motivation in doing so.

It has been seven fruitful years that he has worked to attain the status that he has right – doing what he loves, financial freedom and more time with his family.

In this episode:
02:10 – Introduction of Ray Berardinelli.
03:30 – Why did Ray transition from his PT private practice to doing what he is doing now?
05:10 – Documentation, sequencing, emails consumed so much of Ray’s time.
05:35 – Ray’s selfish intention: wanted to gain family time back.
06:55 – AI not EMR.
09:40 – Everyone who went into PT wants to help people not just consume their time on documentation.
12:10 – The solution is right in front of us and we are not looking at it.
13:00 – Ray is not a software developer but more of an idea-and-fill-in-the-gaps guy.
14:55 – If you can find out a solution to a problem and you can make it work, you have just laid the path to everybody else behind you to no longer deal with the problem.
15:55 – If you are looking for an alternative career – find the problem.
17:00 – Mike: 3 Ps (Passion, Purpose, Profit) 18:40 – How to contact Ray –;
19:50 – Check out Ray’s webinar: Thursday, May 21 @ 8:00 am EST
21:25 – Simplify complex things.
22:15 – Ray’s advise: find the problem and fix it; help other people with the solution you came up with.
23:50 – Mike: Always remember the word F.A.S.T.
24:00 – Find friends that will push you to your next level.
24:10 – Learn how to take action.
24:50 – Shoot for the moon.
25:40 – Teach it.

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