Interview with Steven Glukh, CEO of HelloNote on “How to Find Your Niche”

Steve Glukh

Interview with Steven Glukh, CEO of HelloNote on "How to Find Your Niche" 

What is a niche? 

You may now know it early on, sometimes it could even take years, but you would know what your niche is when you have the passion in doing something. Making a huge impact in someone else’s life as well as yours. 

Choose your niche that you are passionate about. This could make a huge impact in someone else’s life as well as yours. 

In this episode: 
05:50 – How do I find my niche? 
07:00 – What is a niche? 
13:10 – You have to be different, you have to present who you are. 
17:30 – How can you specifically find your passion? 
19:45 – Steven shares how he found his passion – his niche. 
23:45 – It is ok to fail and find another niche. 
27:50 – Passion, Productivity, Profit. 
40:45 – Steve shares his biggest failure and how he turned it around. 
44:55 – Don’t be afraid to fail, it’s just a part of the process. – Steve 
45:55 – Why should I be my own boss? 
50:30 – Your niche is something that itch you. – Dr. Mike 
57:20 – Don’t be afraid to reach out. If you grow, we grow. – Steve  
57:50 – Always remember the word FAST. 

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